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About company

History of the company

History of our transport team started in 2011 with decision making of leadership of existing at that time several transport companies in different areas about uniting and expanding the business and entering new market of transport services under one name- Ardena Transport.

Since the first days of creation, Ardena Transport has begun to develop actively in the transport market of the Baltic States and Central Asian countries, entering into long-term contracts for the provision of freight services with large and medium-sized companies in all areas of business activity.

For the years of intensive activity, the company has been replenished with highly qualified personnel, which led to restructuring, forming new divisions in its composition, specializing in export, import and document flow on permanent projects in Central Asia.

The company currently has substantial assets — containers and container terminals, impressive base of agents and subcontractors, also it is itself the agent of many major players in transport logistics and it allows the company to carry out cargo transportation of any complexity quickly and accurately throughout Europe, CIS countries and Central Asia, and beyond.


Every employee of the company is a professional in his field, having many years of experience. Personnel of the Agency is staffed with highly qualified professionals, dedicated to quality customer service in a timely manner.


«Our company is, above all, client-oriented and we do everything we can to get better, primarily, in that direction».


We will help build right relationship with official services and create impeccable documentation, which will make any transportation comfortable for you and your cargo.

With all quantitative range of provided transport services, the

primary function of the company’s activity remains unchanged-delivery of cargo, using the most convenient and cost effective for the cargo owner schema.

Quality control of services

In modern conditions of economy development, compliance with principles of quality control system of transport services serves as guarantee of stability and index of high-level quality of the goods delivery and rendered services in the transportation market.

On the basis of the international quality standards ISO 9001:2000, Ardena Transport company creates its own rules in the field of freight transport, as well as carries out careful monitoring of their compliance at all stages of production. It is important that implemented principles cover the entire spectrum of business processes of the company: management, document flow, work with personnel and so on.

The company’s activities are based not only on the design, but also on the implementation and development of the established provisions in the overall process of smooth functioning of the company-customer, as well as in the work of every single employee. Optimization of quality management in the company is focused on liquidation or errors at all stages of providing services to its clients. In parallel, task of orientation to customer’s needs in introduction of new services is being solved.

Transport Ardena sees stability as priority strategic objectives and improvement of the delivered services quality, as well as increase in security of transportation throughout the entire journey. The company’s specialists use actively in practice fundamental principles of the system that allows achieving continuous improvement in the quality of work of the entire Organization.


Reality of our team is a huge number of successfully completed orders, a huge base of regular customers, cooperation with leading companies and impeccable quality of services.

12Years in the market of freight forwarding services

124employees worldwide

2500Agent Base Companies

3250Постоянных клиентов по всему миру

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